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About Us

Meet the owner of the center Surbrina, a native of the caribbean island, St. Lucia and a Cranberry resident for the last 17 years. She is also a mother of 3 who has always had a passion for kids and have been in the industry for years. From owning an indoor children's play center, to working at daycares and preschools and growing up in a huge family with lots of siblings.  Her love for creativity, arts and fun have led her to the field of the children industry.  A naturally kind demeanor, patience and love for children will guarantee your child to be in excellent hands, with an at home feel.  As her growth in the children industry continues, she basks in the happiness of seeing the smiles on kids' faces and the enthusiast in their eyes every day. 

In Surbina's own words:

"I absolutely love kids and I stand on the fact that kids should be allowed to be kids as long as they can or would like to be. Their stories that i hear every day is full or such imagination and creativity. I even have the parents coming to me telling me how eager they have become and want to come here every day because it is such fun."



What Parents Say

"The Space is very clean; the staff and owner are very friendly and I feel comfortable and at peace of mind knowing my child is in a great environment."

— Mike’s mom

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